• Extra! Extra!

    Extra! Extra! I’m getting lots of love from various media outlets for my visual arts debut. Check out the features on EBONY.com, the NY Amsterdam News, Rolling Out and more via my press page here.

    Beau McCall on Ebony page 1
  • Gallery Talk Sunday August 12th, 3-5pm

    Come join me and my fellow artists for the eMerge: Danny Simmons & Artists on the Cusp gallery talk. There will be great conversation, networking, a panel on collecting art, live music and of course, ME! All the details on what to expect are below. Groundbreaking Art Exhibition, Anchored by Danny Simmons’ Artwork Announces Gallery […]

    Gallery Talk
  • A Night to Remember

      It’s 15 minutes to 6 and I am supposed to walk through the door of Strivers Gardens Gallery at 6 for my debut as a visual artist. But my nerves are shot. Dressed in my button best, I run to the corner to catch a taxi and I am sweating like a pig. By […]

    Beau McCall and Mother
  • Harlem Arts Alliance Visual Artist of the Month: Guess Who…

    Yup, me! I’m proud to announce that the Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA) has made me their visual artist of the month for July. I am thrilled to have this honor because I am still a rookie at HAA and haven’t even been a member for a full year. This is part of my growth as […]

  • Art with the CULTURE CRASHERS

    This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of working with the CULTURE CRASHERS.┬áThe CULTURE CRASHERS is part of a youth initiative founded and created by Souleo Enterprises, LLC and presented in partnership with the Harlem Arts Alliance. It was a day of mentoring, creating art and fun with singer/actress, Georgie, musician/singer, Solomon and visual artist/poet/actor, […]

  • Button Vest Featured on NBC

    Check out the fabulous Souleo on NBC’s New York Nightly News in an outfit styled by me. He is wearing my custom made button vest. Sorry folks this one isn’t for sale but click here for the ones that are currently available for purchase. Check out the video here.

    NBC screenshot
  • Button Up…

    Buttons are a universal fastener connecting the world through an everyday item. Yet, throughout history and modernity buttons vary in their design illustrating distinctions of class systems, political views and cultural norms. I generate a dialogue by translating the visual language of buttons to expand art out of its traditional… read more