Artist statement for Domino Kool (Hood Classic I)

Beau McCall, Domino Kool (Hood Classic I), 2013. Buttons, plexiglass, embroidery thread, plastic jar, wood shelf, doilies, 25 x 25 in. Pour: 51 in.

Kool-Aid, growing up in the hood you was everybody’s friends. You represented youth, innocence and celebrating good times. You were the affordable drink that tasted so damn good. I remember children running to the store just to buy a pack, mothers mixing you in with water and sugar and you came to life at cookouts, birthday parties and school dances.

But Kool-Aid I’m older now and I see beyond that smile of yours. You ain’t so good for the system. You don’t have any nutritional value and most folks load you up with excess sugar.

Now that I think about it, Kool-Aid you’re starting to taste bitter but the memories will always be sweet.

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