A Night to Remember

Me and my mom in front of my debut piece, Until We’re Free


It’s 15 minutes to 6 and I am supposed to walk through the door of Strivers Gardens Gallery at 6 for my debut as a visual artist. But my nerves are shot. Dressed in my button best, I run to the corner to catch a taxi and I am sweating like a pig. By the time I get to 135th Street I am nearly drenched and visibly shaking like I am losing my mind. By mere coincidence my mother, sister and niece from Philly were 2 blocks behind me in a taxi. We enter together and see all this amazing art from my peers and I am truly overwhelmed. I am astonished and speechless to be part of something that I waited for nearly half my life. I turn around and see more familiar faces and then my nerves start to relax. I say to myself it’s time to get into action and entertain your guests. I am working the room, smiling and conversing about my art. My mom is overwhelmed and shocks me by not crying. My sister and niece are ecstatic and can’t believe that their older brother and uncle is finally having his debut. As I am mingling, I am constantly getting pulled for interviews. I think I had about 10-12 interviews. I got great responses and the door is now open for a bigger and brighter future. It’s time to get my game plan in motion. I am emerging…


Beau McCall in Button Chains Photo Credit Stephen Knight








Co curator Souleo in Beau McCall wearable art Gold Clouds set Photo Credit Stephen Knight

Viewers absorbing Until We’re Free Photo Credit Stephen Knight









Viewer of Until We’re Free

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